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Looking for training that's not on the calendar?  Let us know. We'll try to work it in and we'll let you know when we do.   Training Interest


Private Instruction (Subject to Availability.) Reservations not required, but recommended.

  • 30 Min $  50.00 per person (Includes range fee & target)

  • 1 Hr     $100.00 per person  (Includes range fee & target)

  • 2 Hr     $200.00 per person (Includes Digital Simulator, range fee, target, hearing & eye protection)



Course and Workshop List

Concealed Carry Certification (CCW) - Class completed in 1 Day

Concealed Carry Certification (CCW) - Class completed over 2 Days

Concealed Carry Certification Renewal (CCW) - Class


Advanced Pistol Handling

Advanced Pistol Handling - 2 Day

Combat Focus Carbine

Combat Focus Carbine Advanced

Combat Focus Shooting (Outside Instructor)

Defense Around Vehicles - Handgun and Carbine

Defensive Focus Shooting

Defensive Focus Shooting (Outside Instructor)

Emergency Medical Range Training

Emergency Medical Training - Tactical Medical for Every Day Carry  (Outside Instructor)

Extreme Close Quarters

Fundamentals of Concealed Carry

Fundamentals of Home Defense

Home Defense with Carbine

Handgun Retention

Intro to Defensive Striking

Intro to Handgun

Intro to Revolver

Intro to Shotgun

Intro to Carbine

Low Light / No Light in the Home

Low Light / No Light in Public

PILB Certification

PILB Semi-Annual Qualification

Responding to Violence in Public with RBT 

Safer Faster Knife Defense - Fundamentals (Outside Instructor)

Safer Faster Knife Defense - Advanced (Outside Instructor)

Two Person Armed Defense - 1 Day

Two Person Armed Defense - 2 Day (Outside Instructor)

Women's Personal Protection (WPP) Fundamentals

Women's Personal Protection (WPP) Fundamentals (Outside Instructor)

Women's Personal Protection (WPP) Advanced (Outside Instructor - Ground and Multi Attacker)

Youth Firearms Safety

LEOSA Qualification - $25.  Walk-ins welcome

CA Department of Corrections Bi-Annual Qualification  $25. Walk-ins welcome


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