Yes.  You can sign our waiver at the range.  We have several "kiosks" located directly across from the range desk.   Please sign the waiver and then proceed to check in.

We hope to offer online waiver signing by July 1, 2019.

Students:  Since you may be handling training firearms throughout the day for most classes,  we do not allow firearms or ammunition in the classroom and offer a secured area for students to store their items.  Your instructor will give further instructions upon your arrival to class. Range and Sales customers:  Please have your firearm cased or holstered at the time you enter the facility and do not uncase or draw your firearm until you are on the range at the shooting line.  Should you need to present your firearm to our staff outside of the range, please ask them to handle the firearm for you.

Yes, if you bring your own firearm, you can bring your own ammo. Certain restrictions* apply.  Please refer to the next question, "What calibers can I shoot", for details.

*All rentals require that you purchase our ammunition.

We do have great prices and appreciate your support by purchasing from us.  This helps keep our prices down in other areas.

We allow all pistol calibers and most rifle calibers up to 308 (30-06 is not allowed).

We allow all major brands and selected re-manufactured ammunition.

NOT ALLOWED:  Steel Jacket, Steel-Core (not to be confused with steel cased, which we do allow), Steel-shot, Steel Tipped, Green Tip, Tracers, Armor Piercing OR Incendiary bullets.  NO Non-Factory Reloads, Home Reloads, or Handloads. NO Muzzle-Loaded Firearms, black powder.

Shotgun is limited to 00 Buckshot and Slugs.

Outside targets are allowed on a case by case basis.  The policy is in place to ensure that no “offensive” targets are used along with ensuring that the targets are of appropriate size to minimize the damage to our facility.  If the targets are too small we require that one of our full size targets be used to overlay the outside targets on.

We have almost 200 firearms for rent (some with suppressors) !!!  Check it out. If you are coming in on your own: The minimum age to shoot full autos is 18. The minimum age to rent handguns is 21 and to rent long guns is 18 If you are bringing in minors: They need to be physically and mentally mature enough to shoot.

All of our lanes are 75 ft. (25 yards).

Membership is NOT required.  Please refer to Membership & Pricing Page for a list of prices.

Yes, Currently we offer 10% Discount for Law Enforcement and Military on an annual membership plan paid in full. Official documentation of LE, Military, First Responders active or retired status is required at time of purchase.

We also honor our LEO, Military, Veterans, and First Responders with a special night - every week.

We Thank you for your service!

OH YEAH!  AND WE DO GREAT PARTIES! If you are coming in on your own: The minimum age to shoot full autos is 18.

If you are 18 or over and accompanying a minor, under the age of 18, a Waiver and Release must be signed by the minor's Parent or Guardian.

If you intend to rent firearms, you must be 21 or over.

To purchase long gun ammunition, you must be 18 or over.

To purchase handgun ammunition, you must be 21 or over.

Tactical Shooting bays allows for movement and positioning not possible on traditional or static lanes. Those looking for advanced training opportunities will benefit greatly from these lanes, as will various leagues and competitions. We are excited to bring you our tactical bay, which includes six lanes.

We offer an award winning system that is used around the world for instruction and skills development.  Our simulator was developed with an eye toward learning objectives and a high degree of realism. We use real firearms that have been converted to use CO2, while preserving much of the realism of a shooting experience.  The educational scenarios challenge the trainee’s decision making ability and help develop life-saving skills. Visually, our scenarios incorporate realistic gunfire, explosions, and bodily injury. The DST can be used with or without an instructor.  For self-paced reservations, we will demonstrate how to use the program.  For instructor lead reservations, your instructor will use some of the advanced features of our system to improve your training experience.  For more information please see Digital Simulator
RBT allows students to evaluate the application of their skills in a way as true to reality as possible, while still remaining in a controlled training environment. Instructors and those playing roles in the scenarios are professionally trained and certified. For more information, please see Realty Based Training
If your background check result was "denied" or "unresolved", we will provide you with a State and Federal number that are specific to your results. You may request a reason for your status by completing the form on this link: Request for Information Regarding a Deny or Unresolved status This link also provides instructions on how to appeal a denial decision.

Although marijuana is legal in the state of Nevada, it is still a federal crime and as such makes the user a prohibited person who can not obtain a CCW permit, purchase or possess a firearm.

Please complete our Employment Application