1. Can I bring my own ammo?

Yes, you can bring your own ammo. Certain restrictions* apply; see store for details.

If you bring your own firearm, you can use your own ammunition, with a few exceptions.*  All rentals require that you purchase our ammunition. We allow all major brands and selected re-manufactured ammunition.  We do have great prices and appreciate your support by purchasing from us.  This helps keep our prices down in other areas.

*Not allowed: home reloads, steel-core or steel-shot, tracers, armor piercing or black powder.

2. What calibers may I shoot?

We allow all pistol calibers and most rifle calibers up to 308. 

NOT ALLOWED:  Steel Jacket, Steel Core, Tracers, Armor Piercing OR Incendiary bullets
NO Non-Factory Reloads or Handloads.
NO Muzzle-Loaded Firearms.
Shotgun is limited to 00 Buckshot and Slugs.

3. Can I bring my own targets?

Outside targets are allowed on a case by case basis.  The policy is in place to ensure that no “offensive” targets are used along with ensuring that the targets are of appropriate size to minimize the damage to our facility.  If the targets are too small we require that one of our full size targets be used to overlay the outside targets on.   

4. Do you offer firearm rentals? 

We have over 150 firearms (some with suppressors) for rent!!!  Check it out.
Handgun & Long gun rentals are $10 for one or $25 for three.
Machine gun rentals are charged by the magazine.  Almost all are $35 including ammunition.
Packages coming soon.

5. What is the maximum distance on the range?

All of our lanes are 75 ft. (25 yards).

6. How much does it cost to use the range?

Membership is NOT required.  Please refer to Membership & Pricing Page.  

7. Do you offer law enforcement or military discounts?

Yes, Currently we offer 10% Discount for Law Enforcement and Military on an annual membership plan paid in full. Official documentation of LE, Military, First Responders active or retired status is required at time of purchase.   

8. Do you have a gunsmith on site?

Yes, please refer to our Gunsmith Page

9. Do you offer machine gun rentals?

Oh Yeah!  And we do great parties!

10. Minor waiver by Parent or Guardian

If you are 18 or over and accompanying a minor, under age 18, a Waiver and Release must be signed by the minor's Parent or Guardian.  If you intend to rent firearms or purchase ammunition, you must be 18 or over for shotgun or 21 or over to rent a handgun.

11. What is a tactical bay?

Tactical Shooting bays allows for movement and positioning not possible on traditional or static lanes. Those looking for advanced training opportunities will benefit greatly from these lanes, as will various leagues and competitions. We are excited to bring you our tactical bay, which includes six lanes.

12. What is a Digital Simulator Trainer (DST)?

We offer an award winning system that is used around the world for instruction and skills development.  Our simulator was developed with an eye toward learning objectives and a high degree of realism. We use real firearms that have been converted to use CO2, while preserving much of the realism of a shooting experience.  The educational scenarios challenge the trainee’s decision making ability and help develop life-saving skills. Visually, our scenarios incorporate realistic gunfire, explosions, and bodily injury.

13. What is Reality-Based Training (RBT)?

RBT allows students to evaluate the application of their skills in a way as true to reality as possible, while still remaining in a controlled training environment. Instructors and those playing roles in the scenarios are professionally trained and certified.

14.  Do I have to sign a waiver to shoot on the range?

Yes.  You will be given our Range Safety Rules and  Range Commands when you check in at the range desk.  We ask that you read all the rules.  You will then be required to sign a waiver that states you read the rules, understand them and agree to abide by them.

15. How do I apply for a job ?

Please complete our Employment Application and submit with resume (if available) to: Range@RenoGuns.com or deliver to 2325 Market St. We will review as soon as possible. Thank you for your interest in working with Reno Guns & Range.

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