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Firearms And Women

Youth Training

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Private Instruction (Subject to Availability.) Reservations not required, but recommended.
Please call (775) 826-2626 ext 200

30 Min $50/person (Includes range fee & target)

1 Hr $100/person  (Includes range fee & target)

2 Hr $200/person (Includes range fee, target, Digital Simulator)

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Concealed Carry

All classroom and shooting qualifications are done in our comfortable, climate controlled facility.

We offer classes for the initial and renewal applications, for residents and non-residents.

NV - Honored in multiple states:

NV Only CCW - 1 Day

NV Only CCW Renewal - 5 hours

Multi State - Honored in Additional States:

The following qualifies student to apply for permits in:  NV, UT, FL, OR.

Multi State CCW Permits - 1 Day

Multi State CCW Permits - 2 consecutive days (5 hours/day)

Multi State CCW Permits - Women Only - 1 Day

Application training only

CCW Tactics - with Reality Based Training


Walk-ins welcome, Call for availability

$25 LEOSA Qualification

$40 PILB Re-qualification (includes $5 state fee)

$25 CA Department of Corrections
Bi-Annual Qualification