There's a new Competition in town...


We're excited to announce that Reno Guns and Range is teaming up with PrairieFire

to promote the PrairieFire RANK Competition ...

A new qualification method for pistol shooting sports (for all levels of experience).

Regional Events Announced on Instagram


2022 Rank Championship

The Big Event!

October 28, 2022 in Florence, TX
$100,000 2022 RANK Championship
with the TOP 16 automatically qualified into the ONE MILLION DOLLAR 2023 RANK CHAMPIONSHIP


Nationwide Regional Qualifications begin September 24, 2022!

Regional Prize Pool $1,750! - 1st Place - $1,000, 2nd Place - $500, 3rd Place - $250
Top competitors will be invited to the competition in Texas.

Reno Guns & Range is proud to be the qualifying regional shooting facility
for Northern Nevada and Northern California
Join us October 8, 2022 10AM - 4PM
for a special Reno Guns & Range in-house competition day with PrairieFire officials.
$1,750 Regional prize pool, Free to compete, Free ammo, Guns provided or bring your own!
Yes! feel free to stop in to practice 🙂

Other regional locations & dates

Regional Events Announced on Instagram

How it works

RANK is a handicap qualification system for handguns of all types that are capable of discharging a minimum of five rounds within 10 seconds.

  • Pick your distance from 5 yards, 10 yards, *15 yards* or 25 yards (based on your skill level)
  • Shoot 5 rounds in 60 seconds and 5 rounds in 10 seconds as accurately as possible for a total of 10 shots
  • Submit a photo of  your target to & receive your RANK score shortly!


There's no limit to the number of targets you can submit!
Targets are available for purchase at the range for $1 or download for free from the PrairieFire website.
Rules and more detail can be found on

Don't forget to post your results on Instagram #renogunsrange and #PrairieFireRANK !!!.

Visit for more information
* 15 yard quals will be eligible for prizes *

This is a special event designed and brought to you by PrairieFire.
All rules and requirements are determined by PrairieFire.


Oct 8 2022 Qual at Reno Guns & Range