Cane Defense Fundamentals

Featuring Guest Instructor MARK SHUEY,
Grand Master Cane Instructor

Required: Students must possess an appropriate training cane to participate in this class (details below*)

Duration: 6 Hours | Class Size: Maximum 40 | Cost $125.00 Standard class
Duration: 3 Hours | Class Size: Maximum 30 | Cost $ 20.00 Veterans Only class, Proof of service required

This 6 hour workshop provides a simple and intuitive training program that will quickly make you more efficient in deploying and using a cane in a modern defensive context. The focus is on tactics and proper mindset development to empower you to manage fear and apply the skills learned in the event of a threat.  Following are some of the topics of the Fundamentals course:

  • Training in Context/Plausibility Principle.
  • The Cane and the Law.
  • The Cane is a Tool.
  • How to Grip the Cane.
  • The Body’s Natural Reactions to Danger.
  • Stance
  • Benefits of the Cane beyond Defense
  • Deploying the Cane
  • Action-Reaction Drill.
  • Angles and Trajectories
  • Targeting Strategy
  • Dynamic skills development and evaluation through various Force on Force scenarios

Mark Shuey, Cane Masters Grand Master Cane Instructor, brings a wealth of experience from an extensive variety of disciplines.

Please wear comfortable clothing.

REQUIRED EQUIPMENT:  CMIA Training or DOJO Training Walking Cane (each student)

Purchase options:
  • CMIA or DOJO Training Canes (Basic configuration only) through Reno Guns & Range. (See order form below, Order must be placed a minimum of 3 weeks prior to class (subject to availability)
  • Other purchase options are available at
Rental Options:
  • A limited number of Rental canes (DOJO Training Walking Cane) will be available through Reno Guns & Range. (See order form below)

Training Cane through Reno Guns & Range

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How to size your cane

  • $30.00 Rental: DOJO Training Walking Cane
  • $42.00 Purchase: DOJO Training Walking Cane (plus tax, free shipping)
  • $65.00 Purchase: CMIA Training Walking Cane (plus tax, free shipping)

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